Carlos Aponte-Salcedo, Jr. is an intersectional school administrator at Lexington School for the Deaf. He oversees a team of school mental health counselors and behavioral specialists. He is the administrative director of the Residential Program. He also supports the Multicultural Committee and is the administrative advisor for the Multicultural Club. Carlos, nationally certified counselor, passionately believe in equitable access for Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened (DDBDDHHLD) people, particularly for those with marginalized identities. He was involved with Council de Manos as Board of Director for four years.  His experience has transformed him when he realized its tremendous impact towards empowering Latinx youth and adults. He also currently serves as a LEAD-K NY Core Team member. He dedicates his efforts to promoting linguistic access for all deaf children in early education and within the Latinx community. 


Carlos is a proud Afro-Nuyorican (a Puerto Rican from New York with African lineage). He has Deaf parents (and extended Deaf relatives on his father’s side). He is married to Ramón. They have been together for eight years and married for three. They have two dogs, Singer (14) and Hazel (7). 

Social Justice Presenter

Carlos Aponte-Salcedo

Onudeah “Oni” Nicolarakis is a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University. She has been an educator for 10 years, having served DDBDDHH and Hearing students in ages from 3 to 10 years old, and used multimodal approach to provide access to grade level curriculum materials. Currently, her areas of interest are in producing counter narratives of the writing experience for the DDBDDHH community and redirecting attention to the advantages of the intersectional experiences from people within marginalized communities.

Social Justice Presenter

Onudeah "Oni" Nicolarakis

English Transcript:

Milmaglyn:  I am on the CAD and CCOSD Conference Planning Committee.  We decided to choose two important presenters to give a workshop at the conference.  Before I let both presenters to share their summary of their workshops.  Our CAD and CCOSD Conference has a theme: Reflect...Relearn...Reframe...  This theme has a social justice focus.  What is SOCIAL JUSTICE? Because they are grassroots, being Deaf, or being Deaf/Hearing interpreters, they experience the oppression or discrimination.  They should be empowered to end injustice. N ow I will let Carlos Aponte-Salcedo share his summary of his workshop.

Carlos:  Intersectionality is the theory that various social identities, such as race, disability, gender, and sexuality, contributes to the specific type of systemic oppression and discrimination experienced by an individual. Social exclusion is the disadvantage individuals and/or groups experienced when they are denied rights, opportunities, and resources. Marginalized people exist everywhere. They include racial, socio-economic, creed, lifestyle and cultural groups. This workshop will describe marginalized groups’ experiences. We will also address how we, with our privileges, can work with marginalized communities to ensure they feel a sense of belonging.


Milmaglyn:  Now to Onudeah Nicolarakis.  I will let her share her summary of her workshop.

Onudeah:  We now live in a time where we obtain information from search engines less than a second.  Much of our sources of information come from social media at the speed of lightning. Then on top of it all, we have a growing trend  of signing vlogs and written posts/tweets. How do we address this information overload? There may be things that seem unsettling or upsetting to us, how do we respond?  How can we be supportive? How can we reframe the information being delivered to us? Or how we deliver via our social media platform, as well as many more topics, will be covered.    This workshop will give us the tools of evaluating our sources with discernment, understanding of our roles in power dynamics within social media outlets, and how we can safely participate in creating the positive change we want to see happen in the (digital) world we live in.

Milmaglyn:  Now... I hope that you will learn from these workshops... You can register online or in mail.  For more information you can find on the website or through facebook page.  WWW.DEAFCAD.org.

Register online: cadccosdconference.eventbrite.com