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Anna Fronczek and Gold Hand Award

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Hello everyone!
My name is Lucy Trusock and I am Vice President of the Connecticut Association of the Deaf (CAD).
This vlog is wonderful because you have an opportunity for fun voting and giving your opinions. You can vote for who you think deserves this award.
These two awards are Anna Fronczek Award and Golden Hand Award.
Anna Fronczek Award – Anna was a quite active member involving in many volunteer activities till she died in 1990. This award was established in honor and memory of this lady. The award goes to an individual who has been participating in and assisting the CAD for two years. This individual must be an active CAD member who is not on the CAD board.
Golden Hand Award is a statewide program of services, recognized by the CAD and NAD jointly. This award is to recognize either an individual, couple and/or organization/group who has been making a lot of efforts to enhance the lives of deaf, deafblind in the community here in Connecticut through volunteering and/or contribution of service to the community during those two years. Nominees must be volunteers and perform activities here in the state or local community.
Please see the nomination form under this vlog and in the Newsletter.
Please submit nominees to me by August 15th. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.
My contact information is:
Lucy Trusock
28 Budd Drive
Bethel, CT 06801


Please complete the form online or mail the form by August 15, 2021.

Accepting Bylaw Proposals Announcement

Video Description: Milmaglyn is wearing a tan ruffle sleeveless blouse and brown glasses. She has a brown hair and wears tear drops earrings. She is sitting in the blue background.

English Transcript:
Hi! My name is Milmaglyn Morales, Law Chair for Connecticut Association of the Deaf. My responsibility is to focus on Bylaws. I would like to share the news that we will be starting to accept bylaws proposals on August 1, 2021. The proposals must be submitted by September 4th. The month of September, our CAD Revision Committee will meet and review all proposals. We also will polish and edit the language to make sure it is understandable. Then we will release it to our CAD members by October 5th. Our CAD members will have an opportunity to review before our CAD conference on November 6th. We will then cast our vote on proposals. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out at any times. My email address is