History of CAD Conference Locations and Events


1941 – Hotel Garde, Hartford.  John Deady, Chairperson


1943 – New Haven.  Herman Stecker, Chairperson


1951 – (Unknown Place).  Leo Lacroix, Chairperson


1957 – American School for the Deaf, West Hartford.  CAD Executive Board took over when Mrs. Anne Lepley, the chair resigned.  The cost of the registration was 25 cents.  (June 15 and June 16).


1962 – American School for the Deaf, West Hartford.  Ernest Vinci, Chairperson.  It was 11th Biennial Convention.  The cost of the registration was 50 cents. (May 30th)


1964 – American School for the Deaf, West Hartford. Unknown Chairperson.  It was 25th anniversary for CAD.


1970 – West Haven, Unknown Chairperson and date.


1972 – Holiday Inn, Waterbury.  William Keating, Chairperson.  Don Pettingill, President of NAD was the speaker.  (September 30).


1973 – Community House, West Haven.  R. Jimenez and J. Augustine, Co-Chairpersons (September 15)


1975 – Ramada Inn, Mystic.  E. Vinci and J. Augustine, Co-Chairpersons –  18th Biennial Convention – Edgar Bloom, NAD Board Member was the speaker.


1977 – Vinci’s Lord Cromwell Inn, Cromwell.  Unknown Chairperson.  19th Biennial Convention.  First Miss Deaf Connecticut Pageant – Harry Whiting, NAD Assistant Executive Secretary was the guest speaker.


1979 – Ramada Inn, Wethersfield.  Don LaRoche and Richard Soboleski, Co-Chairpersons.  40th Anniversary Banquet – Gertrude Galloway, the first dDeaf woman president of NAD was the guest speaker.  (September 29).


1981 – Sheraton Park Place, New Haven.  Bernard Brown, Chairperson (September 26)


1983 – American School for the Deaf, West Hartford.  Bernard Brown, Chairperson.  Al Pimental, NAD Executive Director was the guest speaker.  (September 24)


1985 – Holiday Inn, Waterbury.  Dorothy Leonardi, Chairperson.  Hurricane Gloria struck the state of CT.  Mrs. Ann Billington Bahl, Miss Deaf America Director was guest.  (September 28)


1987 – Groton Motor Inn, Groton.  Doreen Simons, Chairperson.  Al Hlibok, NAD Region I Board Member was the guest speaker.  (September 26)


1991 – Marriott Inn, Waterbury.  James Pedersen, Chairperson.  Barbara B. Brasel, retired CDHI director was the guest speaker.  Theme: “Advocacy Today for Better Tomorrow”.


1993 – Ramada Hotel, Shelton.  Edward Buell, Chairperson.  Theme: “New Dreams…  New Challenges”.  Barbara Jean (BJ) Wood, Director of Massachusetts Commission of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired was the speaker.  (August 6-7)


1995 – Radisson Conference Center, Cromwell.  Jeffrey Stone, Chairperson.  Theme:  “New Opportunity in 21 Century”.  Lillian Garcia, Deaf, INC. was the guest speaker.  (August 25-26)


1997 – The Hastings, Hartford.  Jeffrey Nardozza, Chairperson.  Theme: “Our Future is NOW!”.  Mark Meyers, Director of Northwestern CT Community Technical College was the guest speaker.  (September 19-20)


1999 – Southern CT State University (SCSU) New Haven, CT.  James Pedersen, Chairperson.  Theme: “Deafersity” (November 6)


2001 – Family Services Woodfield, Bridgeport, CT.  Kim Ewing, Chairperson.  Ernest Okwara of Rhode Island, NAD Region I Board Member was not able to be the speaker.  (September 22)


2003 – American School for the Deaf, West Hartford, CT.  Chaired by the CAD Board.  Failure to meet the Quorum so it was rescheduled to May 15, 2004 (only workshop and general meeting).


2005 – Ramada Inn, Stratford, CT.  Paul Ditimi and Maryann Peets, Co-Chairpersons.  Theme: “Taking a Reflective, Assertive and Proactive Stance on Equal Rights”.  Miss Deaf Connecticut Pageant. (November 11-12)


2007 – Groton Inn, Groton, CT.  Barbara Cassin and Sandra McGee, Co-Chairpersons.  Theme: “United We Stand, Together We Succeed”. Frank Turk (Youth Leadership).  Ruth Moore (Youth and Senior Citizens) moderated by Philip Bravin.  NAD Region I Delegates at the separate meetings during this conference. (November 9 – 10)


2009 – Courtyward Marriott, Cromwell, CT.  Lillian Garcia and Paul Ditimi, Co-Chaiepersons.  Theme:  “70 Years of Progress:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.  Dr. Laurene E. Simms, Keynote Speaker.  Kathy Darby, Sprint Relay, Blackberry Workshop 101.  Lillian Garcia, “Deaf Self-Advocacy Training”.  John F (Jax Levesque, “Think Outside the Box”.  (November 14 – 15).


2011 – Crowne Plaza, Southbury, CT.  Paul Ditimi, Chairperson.  Theme: “Act Locally, Think Globally”.  Howard A. Rosenblum, NAD CEO, Keynote Speaker.  “About the Global Deaf Citizens” by Dr. Josephy J. Murray, Program Speaker.  Brainstorm Session: “How to foster the interest in the Grassroots and other special groups?” “Communication Advocacy Network’s Approach to Regionalism” by Cassandra Boryslawskij.  “Deaf OZ” Play Performance by students of the American School for the Deaf. (October 14-15)


2013 – Doubletree Bradley International Airport Hotel, Windsor Locks, CT.  Charlie Reisinger, Chairperson.  Theme: “Approaching 75th Anniversary:  Better Futures for All”.  Chris Wagner, NAD President, Keynote Speaker.  Gala Banquet and Entertainment by former Miss Deaf Connecticut Winners.  (November 1- 2)


2015 – Hilton Garden Inn, Milford.  Robert Backofen and Alexandra McGee, Co-Chairpersons.  Theme: “Strengthening ASL Partners and Allies”.  Kim Bianco-Majeri, Keynote Speaker.  “A Call to Action” – Kim Bianco-Majeri.  “General/Legal Interpreters” – Mary Sue Owens. “Hacker/Scan” FBI agent Carla Prims.  Entertainment by NTD.


2017 – American School for the Deaf.  Robert Backofen and Alexandra McGee, Co-Chairpersons


2019 – American School for the Deaf.  Robert Backofen, Chairperson.  CAD 80th and CCOSD 50th Celebration.  Theme: “Reflect, Relearn, Reframe”.  “Social Justice” – Carlos Aponte-Salcedo, Jr and Onudeah “Oni” Nicolarakis.  President Award – Milmaglyn Morales.  Entertainment:  Antines “NuNu Davis


2021 – Virtual Conference.  June Terry and Anita Farquhar, Co-Chairpersons.  Theme: Unity & Diversity: Refocus on Wellness.  “Risk Factors of Demential including COVID and the Brain among our Deaf and Hard of Hearing population” – Dr. Jaime A.B. Wilson.  Five President Awards – Barbara Cassin, Dr. Harvey Corsen, Alexandra McGee, Milmaglyn Morales,  and Barbara Morris.  Special Awards – Anita Farquhar and June Terry.  13 Zoom Prize Donors.