Left to Right (first row): Luisa, Lucy, Alexandra, and Cherry

Left to Right (second row): Barbara M., Jessica, Barbara C., Harvey, and Alvin.

Top Row: Joseph

Missing:  Julia and Mary

Four 3D People Pushing Four Different Color Puzzle Pieces on White Background, Cooperation Concept Illustration

Our New Officers of 2021- 2023!

President- Luisa Gasco-Soboleski
Vice President – Julia Silvestri
Secretary – Lucy Trusock
Treasurer – Alexandra McGee
Law chair – Barbara Cassin

Board Members at Large:

Paul Ditimi

Barbara Morris

Joseph Ronan

Mary Silvestri

Jessica Tanner

Affiliation Representatives:

DeafBlind Association of Connecticut – Cherry Byrnes


Legislative Chair – Dr. Harvey Corsen

Youth Program Coordinator – Alvin Chege