CAD / CRID Interpreting Data Collection

This process has two goals:

  1. To track when agencies, organizations, and/or providers are, or are not complying with Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers' requests for interpreting services.
  2. To track whether the interpreters providing services are compliant with state statute.

Information with * will be kept confidential. We will never share any information marked * without contacting you and getting your permission. However this information is necessary for authentication purposes.

Type of event / service

Did you request an interpreter prior to this event?
If yes, when?

Was an interpreter present?
My interpreter was (which?)
Did you ask to see his/her State of CT Registration card?
Was his/her certification appropriate for this job?
Were you satisfied with this interpreter?

Thank you for completing this form. It will help us educate legislators about our needs.

» If you are completing the paper version please mail to: Barbara Cassin, 206 Taylor Road, Colchester, CT 06415
» If you prefer that we complete the form for you please VP: Barbara Cassin at (860) 531-4963 or Sandy Inzinga at (203) 433-5350